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Music: "Alpha Go Soundtrack" by Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka)


Screenshot 2566-09-11 at 19.04.24.png
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Screenshot 2566-09-11 at 19.05.24.png
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A friend introduced me to the documentary AlphaGo, and watching one of the greatest go players in the world play a best-of-five game competition against a computer was so mind- blowing and truly something to behold. I found myself deeply moved and engrossed while watching the game unfold between a human and a machine. 

As I started my concept development, I brainstormed various symbolic representations to portray humanity and AI in this specific context. Some ideas that resonated with me was the blending of the monitor and the board as well as the eventual omission of the left chair, signifying that it wasn't necessary in the face of an intangible opponent.

Furthermore, to pay homage to the documentary's featured player, Lee Sedol, I envisioned incorporating an element that would capture his essence: a cigarette, representing the significance of his smoke breaks during the intense games.

Overall, I wanted the environment for the sequence to be ambiguous, allowing the spotlight to shine on the objects themselves and evoke a sense of intrigue.

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 11-msethi20.38.15.png
Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 11-msethi20.38.27.png
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